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Fuel Economy Tests

2017 Toyota Sienna - Fuel Economy Review + Fill Up Costs

 In this episode, we test out the fuel economy in the all-new 2017 Toyota Sienna. One of the few remaining contenders in its class, the Sienna is a popular choice in the minivan segment offering ample space and comfort in a sporty package.

On a full tank, we were able to get 479km of driving at a fuel economy of 13.2L/100km. Filling the tank back up cost $70.56 for a full tank using standard gasoline at $1.04/liter. Watch the video below. 


Real world test results:

- Tested fuel range: 479km

- Fuel economy: 13.2L/100km

- Fuel economy (mpg): 17.8mpg


Closest competitors:

- KIA Sedona

- Honda Odyssey

- Dodge Caravan

- Chrysler Town & Country